Endocrinology Fellowship Personal Statement Sample


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Endocrinology Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

Endocrinology is a highly focused branch of biology with a myriad of implications. Perhaps one of the most studied applications is diabetes, a disease which is highly prevalent across the world. My focus in my undergraduate research was on the role of inflammatory signaling in diabetes progression, and I hope to continue this research in my graduate studies. I hope to obtain a graduate degree in endocrinology so that I can be better prepared to research signaling pathways that may lead to an effective treatment for diabetes.

Diabetes is a very holistic disease that must be approached from multiple perspectives. When I worked at the University of Florida in their Kidney and Endocrine Laboratory, I encountered scientists from a myriad of departments all working together to combat diabetes. My research project included elements from biophysics, molecular biology, immunology, and endocrinology. Through a thorough examination of diabetes as partially an autoimmune disease, I was able to identify several key proteins that play an important role in diabetes development.  A graduate degree will allow me to further pursue this problem in the future and design a protein-based vaccine to serve as a deterrent for diabetes onset.

After my graduation, I plan to obtain a research position in an endocrinology lab to be able to further elucidate disease mechanisms. I have received an offer to work at the National Institutes of Health after the receipt of my degree, and I look forward to continuing my research into diabetes with some of the leading endocrinologists in the country. I have seen firsthand many of the effects of diabetes not only on the individual but in family units and society as a whole. Through this graduate program and my future research, I will dedicate myself to making a treatment or preventative vaccine for diabetes possible.

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